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Singles Initiative Project - What Is It?

Christian believers have in the past been noted as hardly having any social activities. It has therefore become increasingly difficult to meet people from various walks of life where relationships could be developed and choices made that could lead to long-lasting relationships; in this case, marriage.

If a devout Christian socializes for instance, it is often believed that he or she is ungodly and worldly. Yes this may be true, but we can do something about it.

Going from church service, to fellowship, to work and then back home will not help increase the number of unmarried people in our midst. If for instance your Mr. Right is not in any of these places, then as they say, you may end up being "left on the shelf" if you are a woman.

This is the reason why the Lord laid this vision of SIP in the heart of Rev. Peace Goodey a couple of years back. She believes that with the help of the Holy Spirit there shall be an increase in the number of marriages taking place in the Body of Christ in Jesus name.

On February 14, 2003, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (Victoria Island zone) actually gathered more than 250 people from churches in Victoria Island and Ikoyi for a beautiful Valentine’s Day evening.

It is not too late for your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. We should therefore not sit back and watch others networking and match-making when the Lord can bring Godly interaction and right relationships in the Body of Christ, which can even exceed what is possible through some social circles.

Worldly people go to parties, night clubs and various social functions where they build relationships that could lead to marriage, but not so with many devout Christians. Therefore social interaction is needed but missing among believers. SIP fills that void by providing a forum for Godly socialisation.

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