Ask And You Shall Receive
Always put your trust in God. The power of prayer has been proven many times over at CBA, especially in conjunction with The Elijah Network. Let us know how we can pray for you. Send us your prayer request.

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God Loves A Cheerful Giver
Christ Believers Healing Ministry and its subsidiaries, including CBA, depend on the volunteerism and generosity of the communities that we serve. We welcome individual donations as well as company sponsorships.

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Where 2 Or 3 Are Gathered
Worship with us at CBA and have an encounter with God. Sundays at 8:30 AM. Wednesdays at 6 PM. Also experience The Elijah Network every second and third Saturday of the month.

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Pictures Worth 1,000 Words
Check out our collection of pictures, including people, places and events.

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CBA Outreach

Singles Initiative | Elijah Network | The Alabaster Jar Foundation | Beyond The Sound Of Music

CBA outreach initiatives are an integral part of the church and the ministry. We believe in taking action to solve problems. CBA conducts several activities, some in partnership with other churches and organisations. Key outreach programmes include the Singles Initiative Project and The Elijah Network.

Singles Initiative Project (SIP)

In partnership with CBA's Alabaster Jar Foundation, the Singles Initiative Project (SIP) was launched with the hope of fulfilling a biblical scripture among us in the Body of Christ.

The initiative is designed around marriage as a God-given institution and inspired by the Book of Genesis.CBA's vision of SIP is to find a way to remove barriers among churches and create a forum where singles from various churches can interact from time to time.

The Elijah Network (TEN)

The Elijah Network (TEN) is a Christian Pentecostal prayer movement and a prophetic prayer ministry.

It is simply about the power of prayer.

This CBA outreach activity invokes the power of prayer and ministry to tackle personal and community challenges. Its objectives span national, family and church components.

The Alabaster Jar Foundation

The Alabaster Jar Foundation is a subsidiary of Christ Believers Healing Ministry, the parent organisation of CBA.

The foundation reaches out to the community at large through projects designed to drive positive change in the lives of people.

Its primary purpose is to cater for the less-privileged and the medically challenged. A key feature of the foundation is a home for teenage mothers.

Beyond The Sound Of Music (BTSOM)

Beyond The Sound Of Music (BTSOM) is one of CBA's newer initiatives. It replaces but builds on 3hours Praise - Non-Stop For Jesus, a previous CBA activity.

"We came together to praise God for three hours without much preaching, but believing God for prophecies and a word for His people," said Rev. Peace Goodey, CBA senior pastor.